Graffiti malby sprejování na zakázku

It is said I started drawing before I could walk (at least that's what my parents are saying), then spraying on an outdoor walls was my high school of painting. I started with graffiti in the early 90´s among the first writers in Slovakia and from since then I have not let go the spray from my hand. My first commissioned graffiti was created in 1999, it was a piece on a wall in the interior of a dance club. Soon after that (year 2000) I completely stopped illegal outdoor painting (hardcore graffiti) and spray painting began to be done only professionally in the form of graffiti on commission or for fun on legal walls. In my personal pursuit of perfection and realistic detail, airbrush technology has also been added over time, which I have been working with for over 10 years. Thanks to the active combining of these two techniques (airbrush & graffiti) I am able to give my customers a hyper-realistic painting and a degree of detail that you can´t never expect from classic sprayers.

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